Norberto’s H8 Computer (H89 IDE Monitor ROM) (H89 PROM to support the Z67 controller) (H89 PROM)

HZ89_90_HD.pdf (H89 Hard Drive Article by Peter Ruber - REMark) (DS89C430 FW Loader Utility) (H8 Z67-IDE Controller booting CP/M)


Z-67.pdf (Jumper Settings)


Z67-IDE CP/M Utilities By Ken Owen

Z67-IDE_Installation.pdf (H17 & Z67 / H37 & Z67 Disks Installation Guide) (Instructions/Utilities for the H17/H37/Z67-IDE system)

S1410Man_Aug83.pdf (XEBEC S1410 Disk Controller)

Z67-IDE Schematics

Z67-IDE Cables Schematics By Ken Owen

Z67-IDE Boards Available: 0

QSH17-4M.ASM (H17/Z67-IDE-4MHz BIOS.asm source code)

Z-System Utilities


HDOS Z67 PREP Utility by Ken

HEATH Computer Article

ZCPR2 Files

ZCPR3 Files

ZCPR33 Files

Format80 Patches by Ken


H8-Z80-64 (Rev 2.1) and H8 Front Panel Fixes

H17-Z67r2-v3 2 (H17 & Z67 CP/M QSBIOS) (H37 & Z67 CP/M QSBIOS)

H89Cnfig.Z67-IDE.pdf (H89/Z67 Configuration)

QuickStor Documentation

Z67 Installation Procedure Documentation

Z67 Support Software


HDOS 2.0 SuperSysMod (2MHz) Program DISKS

HDOS 2.0 SuperSysMod (2/4MHz) Program DISKS & Y2K Patch Information

Z67 Transition Board Cable Layout by Ken

Z67 HDOS Utilities by Ken

HDOS & CP/M Utilities by Ken

Booting HDOS from the Z67-IDE board by Ken

Booting_HDOS.Rev6D.pdf (Updated: 11/19/2013)

How to patch the HDOS HD67.dvd driver by Ken

Z67-IDE FW Releases

Z67-IDE Disk Controller

Z67-IDE Support Files

Hard Sector Support Package, updated for the Y2K patch by Ken

Bootable CP/M H17 image with QSBIOS support by Ken

Note: Attached you should find a bootable image file for QS-DISK1.This will boot a 32k system and "A>MOVCPM80 *" will expand it to the machines full memory size.  (It must be a memory size equal to or less than the machine's memory on first boot.  Someone may only have 32k or 48k of memory.) (Bootable SVD image with PART170 and PREP1)  (PREP 170Q, 174Q, 270Q)

New Prep/Part Utility for HDOS - 15 MB of Storage

It mainly adds two features over the Heath version:

                            1.       You can specify the port number on the command line (e.g. PREP67 174)

                            2.       It adds 50% more storage space (by setting the “heads” parameter to 6)

H89 Z67-IDE External Configuration

Z67_IDE GERBER Files  (GERBER files)

Z67-IDE-V10.pdf (Composite Schematic by Ken)

Bridging The Divide/Utilities/HD Generation -  By Ken Owen

Z67-IDE Schematics V10.pdf  (60 drive support)

H89 Z67-IDE & Multidisk

QS System Generation (Supports 60 Hard Drives with a 8GB CF card, WP,  Imaging & Replication. Reads switch) (2/4 MHz Software-Switchable Speed Mod)

Windows Z67-IDE Imaging Utility

QS-HDOS Setup/Road Map  - By Ken