Norberto’s H8 Computer


Z67-IDE+ Board (3.5” size)

QS-HDOS Setup for H8 (by Ken

Z67-IDE-v24.rar  - Cathy Ma_OurPCB <>

Z67-IDE+ Boards Available: 3

Z67-IDE+ Assembly Guide (incomplete)

Z57_IDE_Utilities/HD Generation - by Ken

Z67-IDE Imaging Utility

2GB CF Z67-IDE Images by Ken (Z67 Port 170Q, H17 Port 174Q)  (CP/M 2.2.04 with utilities) (HDOS 2.0, HDOS 3.02 with utilities)

512MB 10MHZ  CF Z67-IDE Image HDOS/CPM (Z67 Port 174Q, H37 Port 170Q)  (Heath HDOS 2.0 Y2K & CP/M 2.2.04)

Z67-COM.pdf (COMM PORT Setup)

CPM on Port 270Q - By Ken

H17 Image to support CPM on Port 270Q - By Ken

New Z67-IDE Images for Drive 0/1. The images are for an H8 running the H8 Speed Card with the Z67-IDE+ running at 274Q, H37 at 170Q and H17 at 174Q - By Ken. - Listing for assembly for H37 and Z67 - QSBIOS for H8 running the H8 Speed Card

QSH8S2FX.PRN.zipListing for assembly for H37 and H17 - Listing for assembly for H17 and Z67

QS-HDOS Setup/Road Map  - By Ken

ZMP 320Q & 340Q Module for H89 Serial/USB board  - By Ken

Z67-IDE_Systems_Selector.pdf (For QS-CPM and Hearh HDOS)


Z67-IDE_Systems.pdf (For QS HDOS/CPM)

Defsasi3 -  Hard Drive Utility for Magnolia MicroSystsems  (MMS) CP/M 2.2 or 3.0

By Steven Hirsch

MMS zip file (Magnolia MicroSystems)  (Ken’s Diagram Enclosure)

Magnolia MicroSystems Hard drive bootable image (H37) (What is inside the MM image?) (H89 IDE Monitor ROM)

Z67-IDE+ FW with I2C Support

Z67-IDE+ Old FW

Z67-IDE+ FW without I2C Support +Cache 06/09/2018 - New

NCR 5830 SCSI Interface

MMS-84B ROM & IDE 84C ROM HEX files (H89 IDE Monitor ROM)

MMS_MonitorRom84B.pdf (MMS Monitor information)

Z67-IDE+ Gerber files - Order Number : 16100877  Z67-IDE-v24

QuikData HDOS files to boot from Hard Drive