Norberto’s H8 Computer


H89-SBC -  RTC - Z80 Clock Speed - Parallel Controller

Gerber PCB files - - Order number: H89-RTC-SPEED-REV01  16103176


Parallel Printer Cable DB25 Wiring Pinout

SCSManP1.pdf  (with schematic)

SCS Parallel Printer Driver Support


SCS Documentation

SCS Parallel Printer Driver Dis-assembled by Glenn Roberts

PARLP.ASM   (Port: 320Q - 323Q)

Parallel Printer Cable Assembly by Ken Owen

SCS_Cable_Fab.pdf   (26 pin  to DB25 female connector)

SCSMan_Printer_Cable.pdf   (DB25 to Centronics Epson assembly)

DSCF0151.jpeg  (Original Cable)   (Port: 100Q - 103Q - Rename to LP.DVD under HDOS

Parallel Printer Cable Assembly Pin-Out

PARALLEL PORT CABLE  (Wiring Pin-Out Table)

Parallel Port Complete Cables.png  (New Cable with Centronics cable)

=============== Board Utilities - RTC - CPU Speed ================

HDOS Speed Utility by Stanley K. Webb

CP/M Speed Utility

HDOS Speed H8D Utility

H8-RTC HDOS Utility  by Stanley

H8-RTC CP/M Utility

================================================ ================